The Program

The program takes individuals at the ranch who want to understand the healing power of the relationship between them and with the horses helping to facilitate therapy utilizes traditional psychotherapy techniques, plus techniques from the equine psychotherapy base and blends them together to create a powerful mechanism to treat some of the most difficult cases.  Throughout the work, many veteran’s are now finding this particular modality to be successful.

The sessions at Equine Partners in Healing typically last 1 and 1/2 hours.  They are done on a weekly basis just like traditional therapy.  What’s not like traditional therapy is that with the horse, the session becomes experiential with the opportunities to teach grounding skills, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, improve confidence, improve communication skills, to name just a few, and are magnified and in the moment.  The ‘in the here and now’ experience together with the healing power of the relationship with the horse and the guidance of the therapist makes this a truely unique opportunity.